A House With No Angels

Three women, one house, a dead husband, father, grandfather and a funeral in Nigeria. With a backdrop of politics from the 1945 Pan African Conference to the Black Power Movement of the 70s to the current UK hostile environment, Ade, Elizabeth and Kutes negotiate their lives around each other and themselves. Ade’s past is waiting for her, Elizabeth’s future is calling and Kutes’ present is about to take on a whole new meaning. With the death of her father, Elizabeth’s OCD begins to take over her life with memories of her last visit to see him and the supernatural happenings that did or didn’t take place. Meanwhile Ade is remembering her childhood and the dark magic that shaped her thoughts. Kutes doesn’t give a hoot about supernatural ramblings when there are things to do in the here and now, mainly looking after the oldies who are losing it and making sure her friend isn’t deported.
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