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Short Fiction

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Refereed Journals

Amaye, Muli, 2019. Many “Women, Many Words: Narrating the Self in Post-Conflict Kurdistan”, Article in The Arts in Society Journal Collection, University Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Amaye, Muli. 2012. “Strike”. (Short Story) In Moving Worlds Journal. Volume 12, Number 2. Leeds University. (pp 84-90)

Amaye, Muli. 2009. “The Dance”. (Short Story) Moving Worlds Journal. Volume 9, Number 2. Leeds University. (pp 59-63)


Book Reviews

Amaye, Muli. 2013. Man in the Blue Pyjamas by Jalal Barzanji (Review), University of Toronto Quarterly, Volume 82, Number 3, Summer 2013 pp 476-478.

Amaye, Muli. 2011. Sex and Race in the Black Atlantic Mulatto Devils and Multiracial Messiah by Daniel R. McNeil. Mixed Race Studies. Scholarly perspectives on the mixed race experience.

Amaye, Muli. 2011 Paving the Empire Road, BBC Television and Black Britons, D M Newton. Manchester University Press. National Black Arts Alliance

 Non Referred Articles/Publications

 Amaye, Muli. 2015. “Teaching Creative Writing in Kurdistan”. Writing in Education Vol. 66. National Association of Writers in Education.

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