Dreaming Words

I dreamt a word last night. Or it could have been this morning because it was with me when I woke up. I didn’t just hear the word I saw it written down and not in a form that is in the dictionary, which could be seen as me leading the way in variations of words.

So what was it? UBIQUITOUS – What a fantastic word! Didn’t really know what it meant when I woke up but it tasted like a sherbert dab in my mouth so that was good enough for me. So the short form I saw (with italics and other little squiggles) was UBIQUITA. Which to me makes it singular and more personal, even if it doesn’t exist.

Want to know what ubiquitous means?  Dig out that dictionary…


I’m writing, it’s happening. Despite being ridiculously busy with four different projects at the moment I’m back on track with my novel and first thing every morning my 800 words are going on the page. Might seem like nothing, but to me it’s a bigggggg thing. So hopefully when work calms a little I’ll be writing my novel in the morning and my short story in the afternoon. Oh what bliss! Wouldn’t life be great if I could just write, write, write and magically all my bills paid themselves – I have a dream…

Inspiration vs Dedication

I’m not writing enough. That’s something that you’ll be seeing a lot on here. I want to. I have the inspiration. I have the work space. I have the time. So what the hell’s going on? Probably the fact that I have 3 jobs I’m trying to juggle at the moment, plus freelance stuff that pops up now and then, and let’s not forget the PhD that is racing into it’s final year with the first draft of the novel to be completed by October. And I’m tired, which will be another constant refrain.

Anyhoo! I took my short story that I’m working on to the Commonword Advanced Novelist Group last night. I got some great feedback, especially from the Mello man. And interestingly I didn’t take anything personally, it was all about the writing. I’m going to post what I’ve done so far just to track the changes, to see what happens with it as I edit and apply the feedback I’ve received. The bits in italics are actually my thoughts and shouldn’t be in the text in such a didactic manner, which I knew as I was re-reading it to myself. It’s the background information that the author should have but not necessarily needed for the story if the writing is strong enough. I can drip feed information as and when.

I was interested to learn that even writing in third person I need to follow one character. I did this in the first novel I wrote for my Masters, but then the feedback was that it should be in first person because the writing’s so close to the character. I will have to find the happy medium somewhere. And actually while I’m writing this I could be writing so I think I’d better get on with it!


I started a short story last Friday, I had an idea floating around and wanted to see how it would work out on the page. I wrote the first four pages longhand sat on a bench in Dunham Massey. I was pecked at by many flesh eating flies and one actually drew blood on the sole of my foot, hmph! Anyway the writing went ok and typing it up I was able to make changes, which I find really useful for a first draft. So I’ve just added some more and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s not in my usual style and it’s a little bit dark I think, but I’ll try and finish the first draft by tomorrow and see how I feel. If it’s ok’ish I’ll probably submit it to a magazine, but I’ll try it out on friends first. I don’t like rejection…