PhD Free – almost…

Been so busy the last few weeks with work, I’ve been meeting myself coming backwards!

But…I’ve also been writing, though I don’t know when – perhaps in my sleep. Not only writing but completed my thesis too. It feels like forever since I started my PhD, but now it’s all done except for dotting and crossing, etc. Which is great because I have another novel waiting to be written. It’s been very patient, but is now feeling free to prod me whenever I have a spare second.

If you’re a writer you know how it goes. It seems like you might have a free day to play out and just the fact that you’re relaxed means that ideas can start jumping around and demanding attention and before you know it you have the outline for another story or poem. I love it!

Published by Muli

I am the Coordinator of the MFA Creative Writing in UWI, St Augustine. My research interests are women's voices, memory and migration. I'm also interested in how we, as a university, engage with the wider community to help changes at grassroots level.

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