I started a short story last Friday, I had an idea floating around and wanted to see how it would work out on the page. I wrote the first four pages longhand sat on a bench in Dunham Massey. I was pecked at by many flesh eating flies and one actually drew blood on the sole of my foot, hmph! Anyway the writing went ok and typing it up I was able to make changes, which I find really useful for a first draft. So I’ve just added some more and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s not in my usual style and it’s a little bit dark I think, but I’ll try and finish the first draft by tomorrow and see how I feel. If it’s ok’ish I’ll probably submit it to a magazine, but I’ll try it out on friends first. I don’t like rejection…

Published by Muli

I am the Coordinator of the MFA Creative Writing in UWI, St Augustine. My research interests are women's voices, memory and migration. I'm also interested in how we, as a university, engage with the wider community to help changes at grassroots level.

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